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Men, Women and couples may apply to come to the Weigelli Centre. Non- Indigenous persons may also apply.

To begin the Process to come to the Weigelli Centre all you have to do is phone us on 02 6345 1868 and ask to speak to the intake worker, or alternatively you can fill in one of our online assessment forms on this website and our intake worker will give you a call back. (please note if you are applying as a couple both members of the couple will need to fill in a separate assessment form)

Depending on our bed availability you will be placed on a waiting list which constantly varies, you will be asked to call each fortnight to check on how much you have progressed.

Once a bed has become available our intake worker will talk you through a comprehensive assessment and collect some necessary information from you. This process may take up to a couple of weeks depending on how quickly you can supply us with this information.

You will be accepted as a client if it is considered that you have good prospects for success at the centre.

The intake worker can help you arrange for the next stages-- Detox and transport to the centre.


Persons who call under any of the categories listed below will not be accepted as clients at the Weigelli Centre:

  • Persons on Pharmacotherapy such as Methadone Maintenance

  • Persons who have serious violent charges (including the use of any weapon) arson charges, sexual offence charges, or a history of such offences.

  • Persons with serious mental health issues.

  • Persons from custody (except for clients on the MERIT/ RAD Programmes)

  • Persons under 18 years of age.


All clients accepted by the Weigelli Centre must undergo Detox at a recognized Detox facility. The intake worker will help you arrange this and your immediate transport to the Weigelli Centre on completion of detox.

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